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Let’s get Limerick Buzzing!

Limerick’s Buzzing is an environmental awareness and action project. Wild bees need help. Their needs are simple. They need flowers (food) and homes (nesting habitat). We work in collaboration with interested groups, business and individuals to provide these locally.

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If you would like to learn more about nature and help wild bees you have come to the right place!


This year, Limerick’s Buzzing is helping people measure how good their local natural environment is at home, work or in their local area - using two pots of strawberry plants!


Find out more and sign up on our Strawberry Days page.


Sign up quick! FREE STRAWBERRY PLANTS for the first two hundred people and big discounts for others joining in.  


If you would like to be able to identify bumblebees and perhaps even monitor them in your local area, then the Bumblebee Identification and Monitoring Workshop is for you. Registration is essential.


We are also gathering together guidelines on flowers and habitat creation and management for wild bees. These and other useful resources will be published on our website shortly.


And finally, The Buzz! is our online report covering some of our past initiatives in Limerick city and county.



This website is under development

Coming soon

  • practical steps to help bees in your garden

  • more on Strawberry Days


Please follow us on twitter  @BuzzLMK to stay in touch with the project.



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We are working on our website. More information on how to help wild bees coming soon.